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For more than forty years, I have been looking for my photographic motifs in the beautiful corner of the Earth on the border between Moravia and Slovakia. On the sensitive layer of black & white film, I try to capture the passing moments of morning dawn and evening twilight in the fleeting fractions of time, and in the moonlight, the captivating charm of the frosty full moon night.

I’m looking for a way to express a black and white picture of the birth of the day and of its dying. Those amazing and unique fragments of eternity, in which over deep valleys sunk below the snow-white sea-level-like mists hovering the dark horizons of Carpathian ridges, the stars of the night are tiptoed leaving the fading sky and beyond the Váh River, in the sacred peace, in the brightest pastels, while the Sun is rising… And also when my native country is drowning in the cold darkness of the evening, a dark gray soft veil woven over the valley of the Vlára River and the mountains around the land border, quiet and reconciled, are falling asleep.

I’m looking for the invisible, hidden. Light, mystery, dream.

I thank the fate for allowing me to search for my dreams in a mysterious dusk under the arches of beech cathedrals.


Antonín Kostka, June 2018